All Sweaters Will Now Be Vests!

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Ok, so I started knitting back in October, and was rather happy with my progress thus far. I've finished a 2x2 ribbed scarf and matching ribbed hat. I've also finished the components for a toddler sweater.

The sweater was originally intended for Trevor, but I didn't realize the measurements they gave for a 1-2 year old were much bigger than Trevor, despite the fact that he is a 1 year old. Luckily I know several toddlers, so it's bound to fit one of them, and Christmas is just around the corner.

So other than the mishap with sizing, which was an issue of not knowing how big children are and not an issue with my knitting, things had been going great, until last night.

Last night I decided it was time to put the sweater together. I whip out my handy Stitch 'N Bitch book and check out how to mattress stitch. Seems easy enough.

Sure enough, it was pretty simple, and the front, back and one sleeve are soon beautifully seamed. Hooray Mel! Oh wait, not time to cheer yet...

I tried attaching the sleeve to the armhole with the mattress stitch, but it looks terrible! The arm sticks out, instead of lying down, and the edge is lumpy. I don't know if it's an issue with the yarn, the pattern or my skills.

All I know is that I was so disgruntled I went to bed. At this point I've decided that I hate sleeves and all further yarn projects from me will be limited to things without sleeves.

Perhaps Grant would like a nice sweater vest for Christmas...



spinnity said:

Hah, found you!

Grant, sweater vests are cool. Hush your mouth.

Mel, I think what you want there is more of a stitch-to-stitch or row-to-row type seam.. perhaps in the case of sleeves more like a stitch-to-row seam. It's not so bad, you'll like it, since you liked grafting. Any knitting book should have a picture - maybe The Knit Stitch or The Purl Stitch? If you're still stumped Monday, how about knitting over coffee in the afternoon?

Welcome to blog-land, knitter!

Grant said:

No. No I would not. I'd also prefer it if my scarf didn't have sleeves, so maybe you could work on that. ;)

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