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Nathan's Hat.jpg Nichole's Hat.JPG

I decided last week that the Reng kids needed cute homemade knit hats for Christmas, so I have spent the last weekend knitting away so that they will ship in time for the big day.

I finished Nathan's on Friday and Nichole's on Saturday. Sunday was a loss as I was recovering from Saturday night (Eric's birthday party) and trying to get the house clean for Grant's return.

This week I've been working on Jason's, the last of the Reng children needing a hat, though the middle child by age. His is a bit more complicated from a knitting perspective, as his yarn was not as exciting, so I saved it for last.

Nathan's is the blue one on the right and it's a combination of a couple patterns I liked knit with simple Lion Brand Homespun. It's very soft to the touch and I think it will be great for a small toddler.

Nichole's is the exciting one on the left. No real pattern here, the interest comes from the yarn, Patton Twister. I saw the yarn in the store and it just shouted 5 year old girl. The pink in it is very Barbie.

I'll post a picture of Jason's ribbed Crayola colors hat as soon as it's complete.

Now I just hope I got the head sizes right.


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