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Last night I was going to post all my missing pictures to my blog as promised some time ago. Sadly, I discovered that my pictures are being held hostage on Grant's laptop. So now I must wait until he either posts them on Fibble or emails them to me.


But, in light of Mary's request in the comments of my last posting, I have included a snapshot I took here at the office of one of the stockings I made for my coworkers for Christmas. I also made one for myself, though I haven't gotten around to finishing the snow flake on it.

This is a modified version of a free online pattern Mary found for me back in December when I was mulling over the idea of making something like this for my coworkers. We've got a really great team of folks here and I wanted to give them something personal from me.

For reference, the stocking measures about 5" from the opening to the heel.



spinnity said:

Hey there! I swear I left a comment on this one before... I wanted to know if the snowflake was your own invention or if that was part of the pattern. These are soooooo cute. I can't believe you've been knitting for 3 months and already turned more heels than I did all last year. You have the power, girlfriend!

spinnity said:

Hey, i missed this post for some reason, sorry to be lagging behind. I love the stocking! Did the snowflake motif come with the pattern? or did you invent it? It's cute as the dickens.


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