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My journey has drawn to a close and brought me back to life here at home. It's been a hard transition back; I'm fighting odd sleeping schedules and a nagging loneliness. I can't wait for Grant to come home for spring break next week.

On my return journey I got to spend an entire day and night in Singapore, and I am more convinced than ever that I need to live there, or at the very least spend some vacation time there. It is everything I love about San Francisco, only cleaner, greener and warmer. I've got a few pictures, but I haven't posted them yet.

My three return flights were uneventful, and I made it through customs with all my souvenirs and room to spare on the declaration. Grant is very lucky I was feeling frugal; otherwise the credit card would have been smoking from all the wonderful things for sale in Singapore. I limited myself to an excellent linen skirt and silver bracelet, plus some souvenirs for the family.

Upon returning I discovered I was foolish in my frugality, as thanks to Grant's new tiki mug obsession I've earned quite a bit of revenge spending, good thing we have nice shopping here too.



Grant said:

I regret nothing.

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