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It's been a slow year for knitting, as it's May and I'm only up to 10 FOs. You can see in my gallery that FO 8 is missing, that's the Geek Incognito scarf that was given away before I remembered to snap a picture of it.

You will also see that the Reng blanket is done and so is Trevor's sweater. I will be delivering the Reng blanket when we stop by there on our drive home from New York next month and Trevor should be getting his sweater sometime this afternoon.

Three of my UFOs are languishing at the bottom of the old knitting bag since I've lost interest in them. So this leaves all of my attention on my sweet Mariah.

The sleeves are done, though not without some grumbling. Either my gauge is off in the height (which admittedly I did not check it in that direction) or the pattern is wrong for the size I'm making because there is no way there is room for another run through the knot work on that sleeve in the 19" allotted.

The frustrating part is that I had already started in that pattern for the third run through before I measured the length and discovered I was not at 19", but 20". So I had to take out several rows of cabling (NOT FUN) and figure out how to get back into the pattern for the end of the sleeves (before they become attached to the yoke). Happily, other than the frogging, I worked it out and am now back on track with two completed sleeves. This only reaffirms my love of knitting sleeves at the same time, I was able to identify and correct the problem in exactly the same way, so my sleeves match.

I'm now on to the back of the sweater and have finished the fun cabling section along the bottom. This only leaves 8" of good ole stockinette ahead before I do the fronts. Sigh... I guess not all knitting is exciting all the time.


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