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Thanks to my loving husband the first part of the site addition is complete, my patterns have a new home online (instead of the notebook in which they currently reside)! If you look to the right, under site menu, you can see the links to our pictures (which include pics of all but 3 of my FOs) and to my patterns. Technically, at the moment, it is incorrect, as it should read pattern, singular, but I have high hopes that soon there will be more than one.

I must restate, while these came from my head, these are very simple and I'm sure you can find them in many locations in many flavors. With any luck this will be a springboard to bigger and better patterns. So please feel free to use them and give me feedback if you'd like.

Happy knitting!



spinnty said:

Yay, contributing to the world of knitting! Good for you!

Rough gauge measurements would be nice.. and usually instructions for fringing say how long to cut the strands (abut 7 " for 3" fringe, I would assume, since they are doubled and hooked through the fabric..). Sometimes they get really anal and tell you how many strands to put in a fringe bundle... but that's obviously up to the designer's discretion!

Mel said:

Well you did inspire me! Your site was just so full of great content, mine felt shabby.

Sara said:

Way to go you, posting your own patterns! I'm so proud of you! It takes cajones to write your patterns out for the world to see.

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