Socks and No Sleep!

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sock progress.jpg
I just had to show off my progress on the socks I'm making from my SP yarn, they are so comfy and cute! I'm having a ton of fun knitting them and just love the yarn. But I've got to say, it'll be back to DPNs on my next set. Magic Loop and 2 Socks 2 Circs are both not my thing. Too many needles and/or wires swinging around freely.

On the life front, I'm totally wiped out. Work is an absolute bear right now (which is why you've heard so little from me). Nothing like staying up until 2 am to touch base with Asia at the end of their day for updates for your 7 am call with your customer. Oh, only to turn around and have to be in at 7 again the next day for a high level meeting where you're presenting to the president of the company on your team's progress. Only to be followed by yet another 7 am morning (coming tomorrow) to touch base with Europe on a quality problem. Can we say sleepy!

Because you know that I'm not running home to crash, oh no, I've got too many fun things to do after work (being the social butterfly that I am), like yummy dinner with friends two nights running and wonderful houseguests all weekend visiting from Seattle (must go home and clean). So at least the icky work situation is balanced out by the wonderful, if busy, home situation.

I've even got a date with Knuknitter to go to Fengari's again next weekend. Hooray!



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Rebecca said:

Fun to see you Wednesday and I'm looking forward to tomorrow! After meet-up I went home and cast on the bolero jacket for my sister and I've been going gang-busters on it ever since -- I love the pattern, and it's fun doing all the little math equations to figure out how to adapt to a different gauge.

Christina said:

Sorry to hear work is running you through the ringer. I'm right there with ya!

Cute socks. :)

~ Christina

spinnity said:

Love the socks! Looks like they fit you just right. So jealous that I can't go to Fengari next week.

Dad said:

Only my daughter would take a picture of her cute feet!

Mel said:

Thanks to your fabulous choice of yarn of course! :)

Stella said:


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