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Turns out I forgot my camera. So, though I'm here in my hotel, with computer and free high speed access, there will be no pictures of scenic Chihuahua. Or of my WIPs. Or anything else for that matter.

Life has been rather hectic of late (I managed to miss posting in the entire month of November), so a little update. Work is work, enough said. My wine class kept me quite busy this fall, though as of Thursday it is done. Which is why I was unable to partake of the Meet-Up fun, I was cramming for my test since I didn't get enough studying done over the weekend - 10 years out of school and some things just don't change. I took my final and mailed it away. Now I just have to wait and see how it turned out. I think I did ok, but the legal limits of where grapes come from based on the labels was tough, so maybe it didn't go so well, I just don't know. I learned many interesting things, but I'm still trying to decide if it's worth throwing caution to the wind and running off to grad school to pursue. We'll see how I feel after the grade and the holidays are over.

Holiday knitting has taken over my life. I'm thinking next year you're all getting gift cards. But I must persist. I have lots of lovely yarn just waiting to be lovingly knit into goodies for my family and friends. I even have a few projects done. Though you'll have to wait until after the gift giving to see them all.

So really it's been work, school and knitting this fall. Not too much to write about, but certainly enough to keep me very busy.



spinnity said:

We totally missed you on Wednesday last week at the gifty exchange, thanks for calling to 'splain. I hope the travel is not to hard on ya, and good luck with the holiday knitting. Remember, it's supposed to be a *fun* hobby, k?

see ya soon

Marcos said:

well little lamb that must have been a great wuestion you got about the grapes......because it does not really mean that because you see a bottle reading napa valley grapes, that they come from Napa Valley...they could have come from another area and sent there to be processes right?, keep up the good work and hope to see you next year. Dad.

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