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I usually spend my time on this site blathering about myself and my knitting. But I'm going to take a little detour today to toot my husband's horn instead of my own. He is a musical genius. Seriously, he has a fantastic ear, can play several instruments quite well (I'm told as I'm still waiting for him to play them for me) and has a beautiful voice. Not only that, he knows every song that's come out since around 1975 or so (I still have him beat when it comes to the oldies), plus a few others thrown in for good measure from before that era (like the Beatles). The man is obsessed with music. His 60 GB iPod is always full, and that's not even his entire music collection. We've got an entire server at the house filled with his music (and a very tiny little corner of it has my music, I honestly only own about 25 CDs and I've been buying them since 1993). He constantly has music playing. Woe is me if we forget to grab the car adapter for the iPod on a long car trip, as that's all I'll hear about.

So, in a natural extention of his musical devotion, he has gotten into the world of mashups. For those of you out there like me, that really don't know this genre, it's where you take a couple of different songs, strip out parts of them and then put them back together as one song. It's pretty cool stuff (sometimes, if they use real songs and not the thumping songs I don't like). Below is the link to his first foray into this realm. If you like it drop by his site and let him know. I think it's really good!

Only Trouble v2


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