Mmm, Pork Rinds

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Yesterday was my first day in the office and all went well. We had some productive meetings (I know, amazing!) and I had a chance to check up on my work email. After work we tried to go sightseeing, however, the shocking cold and snow detered even our local guide. So we went to a local department store to pick up some tasty snacks (as there is a grocery store in the basement of the department store), including one of my favorites, Haribo gummy snails (schnick schnecks). While there I learned that it would cost 20 Euro to pick up a sim card for my phone and that would only contain 10 Euros of call time, at 2 Euro per minute to the US, I decided this was not a good use of my money. As such my poor hubby will have to make do with this blog and emails until I'm home again.

After our shopping pit stop we went to dinner at a restaurant serving local Bavarian fare. Really not my favorite food type, but the beer was excellent (dunkel weissbeir) and I've found a dish I actually enjoy - roasted pork leg with skin. The yummy crunchy pork rind is actually still attached to the juicy leg. We spent quite some time after dinner just chatting, it was nice getting to know some of my colleagues that I didn't know very well before. I also taught everyone a new word in English - 'boondoggle'. We all got a good laugh out of that one.



Rebecca said:

Wow, sounds like you had an eventful flight, and not in a good way! But at least you're safely there. Looking forward to photos of German yarn stores!

Christina said:

It sounds like you're having a great time in Germany even with it being too cold to sightsee.

~ Christina

Hubby said:

Phbbbbbt. Buy the damn SIM card! I want to talk to you, and I can do it much more cheaply than those rates by calling you on your prepaid number. (Incoming calls are free on most foreign prepaid SIMs, you see.) As long as they don't bill in minute increments it's just fine. Frankly, even if they do it's not a big deal - you're just calling me to tell me when you can talk, right?

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