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Today was a relatively quiet day. I didn't sleep in nearly as long as yesterday but rather spent the morning knitting. I finished the scarf, but I'm afraid it will have to be ripped out. It simply isn't long enough. So I now have no clue what I'm supposed to do with half a scarf worth of Lion and Lamb in that great black pearl colorway. Any ideas? So, after the disappointment of the scarf being too short I went back to work on my Baby Bobbi Bear and it now has everything but a head and arms. I'll be stuffing it by the time I get home.

Around noon one of my colleagues picked me up and we went to the Turn and Taxi palace. This is basically the home of the family of princes who are decended from the first postman. He created the concept of a postal service based on stations with fresh horses and riders waiting to pass on the mail. For that he was made a noble and his family kept becoming honored until they reached the point of princehood. The current prince is the 12th and does live at the palace during parts of the year. The tour was very interesting and the palace quite lovely.

After our tour I had some time to myself for more knitting before dinner. We then went to Orphee and had a fantastic French dinner. I had eaten breakfast there before (not only on Saturday, but on a previous trip with Grant), but never dinner. Man, the French really know how to cook! It was a lovely evening and then it was back to my room to pack. Monday night will be spent in Munich and Tuesday at 6:25 am I head home.

All in all Germany was wonderful - if I'm lucky I'll get to post a quick note in Munich Monday night.



Marcos said:

well lamby you take good care, we all miss you and hope you have a nice trip back dad.

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