What You Can Learn in an Airport

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I have learned three very important things about myself today and it is only 10:00.

First, I never seem to have enough cash on hand. I know this is because I rely too much on my Visa. This morning as I checked out and asked about my cab to the airport I learned it would be 12 Euro and I had only 10 (again). This time I was out of cash from any country, but the nice man behind the desk charged 12 Euro to my company Visa and gave me the cash. So the problem was solved, but I felt foolish once again. I think in the future I will make it a point to try and keep more cash on me for these sorts of situations.

Second, I have a shopping addiction. Seriously, I think it's becoming a problem. I cannot pass retail without wanting to buy something, anything. I have with me in my carry-on luggage a computer, a book and four (yes four) knitting projects. More than enough to keep me entertained for hours at a stretch. And yet, what do I do at the airport? Shop, first in Munich and then in Amsterdam. I wander through all the stores and become anxious. Should I buy something? Is this a good price? Would Grant like this? Do I really need this? Should I bring gifts for everyone? What would I bring them all? And round and round I circle the stores. This is true at home and abroad. If I'm in a mall or other place of retail I really get an itch to buy things. It's bad. I saw a news story on CNN this week about a clinic in China for people addicted to the internet (I can't make this up). They use therapy and drugs to break the addiction and encourage the people to interact with others and play outdoors. I'm wondering if there is such a clinic in the US for shoppers?

Third, I love to eat when I'm bored. I've had not one, not two, but three 'breakfasts' this morning. When I'm not roaming the retail of the airports I'm eating. Again, I could be doing any number of the things I've listed above, but instead I eat after shopping. I had a chocolate croissant in Munich, I had the meat on a roll with coffee on the airplane and here in Schipol I had a tasty little raisin bread with sugar pastry and a cappuccino. All in the course of 3 hours! It starts because I think, hmm, a coffee would be nice while I sit and knit, and then I go to order said coffee and see the yummy little pastries staring at me and suddenly it's another breakfast.

As of now it seems my flight will be on time and I should be wandering over to the gate to check on it. I'll write more when I'm on the ground in the Bay.


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