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I've decided it's time to get a bit of a handle on my ever growing list of projects. So, here is my knitting plan for 2006, including an update on what's done. Pictures will be coming later, I promise.

At long last my holiday knitting is just about over. My official FO 1 for 2006 was Tyler's scarf (though technically the last mystery gift I have left was the first to be finished in terms of knitting, however, since it is waiting for blocking and end weaving it is not yet an FO, but rather an NFO) and his hat was FO 3. Thankfully those two, plus the aforementioned last mystery gift, mark the end of holiday knitting. Yes, I know it's February. Luckily my friends and family know me well.

FO 2 is a bit of a surprise. They are a yummy little item I made for myself and I have decided to submit the pattern to Knitty for the next issue. As such, no pictures or details are available yet. When I hear back from them I'll be able to say more. If they reject it the pattern will be available here for free, if they accept it, it will be available on their site for free. I'll keep you posted.

I made half a scarf that was almost FO 1, but, as I said, it's only half a scarf. It was from the leftover yarn from Jen's gauntlets I made her for Christmas. It's beautiful, but WAY too short. So I've got to frog it and squirel away the yarn for something else. If anyone has any thoughts on what to do with half a scarf's worth of Lion and Lamb from Lorna's Laces I'm all ears.

FO 4 is nearly here, it's the Baby Bobbi Bear I'm making from Blue Sky Alapaca's organic cotton. He just needs his left arm and then he's officially an FO. He is so super soft and cute! I highly recommend this pattern and yarn. If there are any little ones out there you'd like to treat, this is a nice way to do it. I'll post pictures when I'm done with him. Now he just needs a name and a scarf. His scarf is going to be FO 5.

FO 6 will have to be the Stitch Diva scarf I'm making myself to wear while working at her booth at Stitches West. I'll be popping by Artfibers to pick up some Houdini this weekend. They've got some great colors. I'm excited about this project because it will be crochet, not knit. It's been many moons since I've really crocheted much of anything. I bought my hook at Knitting Arts during Meet-up last night.

FO 7 will most likely be the wyvern socks I'm making for the Knitting Olympics (we get to cast on tomorrow, yay!) with the yarn I bought in Germany. At least, I hope I will get them done in time and they will be FO 7. I'm a little nervous about being able to make 2 adult socks in 16 days. That's a lot of very small stitches!

Once the Olympics are done Grant's sweater will get top billing and my never ending first pair of socks will be my travel project. The blue scarf from Canada will be the travel project after the socks are done. After that, however, things are a bit unsure. I've horded 4 different types of yarn to make myself sweaters (I'm only just realizing now that there are three shades of red in that group, but I swear, they're different shades and types). I'm hoping that when I'm at Stitches they'll have some great yarns in chocolates or greens, as I really should avoid any more red at this point. It's just so hard because it's really my favorite color.

Of course somewhere in all of this I need to finish that toddler sweater that's been haunting me waiting for a new seam and zipper and my precious Mariah that also needs a little seaming and a zipper. Why oh why am I so bad at finishing projects? Dang shiny objects always distracting me. Ooh, look, more yarn!



Christina said:

Best of luck on the Knitty submission!

~ Christina

spinnity said:

That is one complicated landscape ya got there, girly. Good luck with the 'limpets and your Plan. Thanks for helping me out with my sweater today!

Catherine said:

Yay! Good luck with all of your projects! I can't wait for photos. :D

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