Complain and Ye Shall Receive

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Well don't I feel a little foolish now! After yesterday's very long rant it would appear we will have a new home after all. We haven't signed anything yet, but the owner of the lovely house we really liked that didn't want our cats seems to have changed her mind. So if we sign that we are responsible for any hardwood damage it would appear the place will be ours. I am cautiously optimistic here that this will pan out and she won't change her mind again at the last minute. Keep your fingers crossed for me!



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Rebecca said:

I hope everything worked out splendidly! I'm also saying hi because summer camps are over and I actually updated my blog this weekend. Hooray! Hope to see you at meet-up Wednesday.

Jen said:

Whoo hoo! Yay you guys!

spinnity said:

Wahooo! Congratulations. Don't forget that if you get that deposit back, your landlord will owe you the interest on it as well.

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