It's a Puppy!

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Ok, it's not really a puppy, but I couldn't resist. For months Grant has been teasing me that we're having a puppy; today we discovered that Ziggy is most certainly not a puppy, but rather a healthy and wiggly baby boy. All his important parts are intact and as they should be.

Apparently I'm a rather nice ultrasound subject, so the doctor spent quite some time taking some lovely shots of his circulatory system. Not only does he have all the right parts of his heart, but they're hooked up in the right order too. The brain looked good, as did the spine. There are two hands and two adorable little baby feet (have I mentioned I love baby feet?). And, of course, there was a crystal clear shot of his other little bits. So this is not possibly a boy, this is most definitely a boy. Which, I would like to point out, I have known all along. I think Grant should cook me dinner tonight since I was right.

Once the cable guy works his magic and gets our intarweb up and running at the house we'll be able to scan in the new photos from the ultrasound and post them for you to see. Keep your fingers crossed he gets all this done tomorrow morning.



Christina said:

Congrats Mel! I have been MIA from the blog/knitting world for several months now, so I'm a little late with this. It's really cool we're due with boys at the same time. I'd love to chat and share pregnancy stories. Let me know when you plan to go to a meetup so we can, well, meetup. :)

~ Christina

Jo said:

Ooh a boy! Now you know what colors to knit. I'm glad the US looked wonderful. And congrats on the new place to live, looking forward to hearing more about it... come to 9R to knit!

Christi said:

Congrats! I told you to trust your instincts :)

Susan said:

Congratulations to you and Grant! It was wonderful to see at Adam's birthday party. Hopefully we'll cross paths again soon. Til then, happy 2nd trimester. Enjoy!

Jeni said:

Woot! Congrats to you and Grant :)

Jen said:

Congratulations, dearie! :o)

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