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I've got to say there are things I love about business travel. The hours spent in airports and on airplanes make for some excellent knitting progress. I've finished Charlotte's blanket (ends woven in, gone through the wash, etc). It is snuggly and sweet and ready to be packed up and sent south. Well, as soon as her sweater is done too that is. The downside to business travel is having to miss Meet-up, so I still haven't learned the I-cord magic.

The mystery gift is all knit up and the ends are woven in. It needs some blocking though and all the non-knitting crafty type finishing bits to be done before I can give it away. I am very disgruntled to learn that one part of it is on back order, so we're looking at 2-4 weeks minimum until this can be finished. Grumble. Maybe I'll find a replacement part and cancel my order.

Along with the blanket and the mystery gift my lovely Diaketo scarf is complete, though it needs a light steam blocking to make it up on the FO board for the year. In order to have a small airplane project once the Diaketo was done I grabbed a decadent hank of Artyarns Silk Rhapsody out of the stash and some lovely Lantern Moons to work on another scarf. Yes, I am possibly obsessed with scarves as this makes number 7 for the year. But, here is my dilema.

I looked at the length of the hank and the width of the pattern and though, hmm, might not be enough. So I took a repeat out of the pattern, making for a skinnier scarf. I then knit for hours on end while flying and now have a scarf that is the right length and 1/3 of a hank of yarn left over. I would have more than enough to make this scarf the right width. In all honesty, I think this would look much better a little wider too. But the thought of frogging an entire scarf makes me very sad. And, what with the mohair in there, it will not be a simple frog. What is a girl to do here? And if I don't frog it, what do I do with 30 g of luscious yarn? Did I mention this yarn is possibly the softest yarn I've ever had the luck to work with? And trust me, I've worked with some lovely yarn. I never thought I'd be asking to frog or not to frog, but I am.



spinnity said:

An even longer scarf? You know me.. I'm the ripping queen. After ripping my gi-normous angora seed stitch border, I'll rip anything. But.. there is much to be said for a done scarf. Can you change your movie?

Jen said:

Can you crochet in along the edges and make it wider and look like it's supposed to be there?

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