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Do you ever have one of those days where you decide what to wear based on your shoes instead of picking your shoes based on what you're wearing? I'm not sure what it is about a great looking pair of shoes, but they can really make you feel good. We're in the midst of really getting things put away in our new house (as opposed to just being shoved in various corners as things have been) and part of that involved me putting my shoes on their shoe rack in my closet last night.

While I was squirreling away all my shoes I came across my favorite cognac heels. I haven't worn these in a while, as they've been hiding from me, and had forgotten I even owned them. So imagine my happy surprise to rediscover them last night. Needless to say this morning I was bound and determined to wear them. And all morning I've been happily smiling at my cute shoes. Should I ever find a digital camera in all the boxes I will have to post a picture of them.

So, what's your favorite pair of cute shoes?



trojandoll said:

I have a pair of black and red houndstooth with 4" spike heels. They are uncomfortable but so cute I wear them as much as I can, and yes, I have chosen outfits just to wear them.

CatherineG said:

D'oh! I meant to comment earlier. I have too many pairs of cute shoes to count, but if I had to pick one, I'd have to say my black leather Nine West slingbacks with three-inch heels and a 1/2-inch platform and a wee peeptoe. They're deliciously 1940s, and I own them in black and in dark pink.

As for boots, I must pick my black patent leather knee high boots with the seven-inch heels and three-inch platforms. Yes, they're for pole class. How did you know? ;)

spinnity said:

My favorite cute shoes are Paul Green black sandals with thin rectangular heels placed perpendicular to the footbed. Like these: -- minus the metal buckles, plus a thin strap around the back of the heel and some 1/2 inch metal rings holding the strap to the upper. I adore them. I wear them far too much and with any type of outfit - dressy, jeans, summer skirt, it's all good so long as I have my best sandals. They certainly cheer me up.

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