Coveting Thy Neighbor's Yarn

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There is a yarn floating around the knitting world at the moment called Malabrigo. I have heard murmurings of its loveliness (like Manos, only soft). Well this Sunday I happened to find that Knitting Arts now carries it. It is well and truly lovely. I oohed and ahhed and fondled it some and thought it would be nice to make something out of it eventually but left the store without it. This is not to say I left empty handed. At long last I gave in and bought enough Gemini (of Mimi Devine scarf fame) for an entire sweater. But, I digress.

I returned on Wednesday for our usual 1st Wednesday Meetup and a certain knitter had the most gorgeous yarn colorway I've seen in a long time. Turns out it was the lovely Malabrigo in Stonechat. I knew at that moment that I had to have some for me. I spent the entire night trying to focus on the sock I was finishing while drooling across the table. Sadly, Knitting Arts did not carry that colorway.

I was thrilled to learn that said knitter had bought it at another store that just opened in Sunnyvale and that store was close enough to my office to make lunch time yarn runs (because I need yarn close enough to get to on my lunch break). I also learned the new store is near the haunted Toys R Us (which I did not know was haunted).

So I scurried off to Purlescence Yarns at lunch today. Alas, they were out of that colorway already. So I picked up a hank in a different color to make Grant a hat instead and will have to wait patiently until they restock. But I let the ladies know I would rush on over just as soon as there was more Stonechat to be had. They were incredibly friendly, and the store stocks some brands I've either never seen or never seen in person, so I will definitely be looking forward to my return trip.

Still needing more Malabrigo in my life I decided to swap away my two extra hanks of yarn from the gift socks in exchange for 2 hanks of Malabrigo. Some lovely knitter from the Knitty board decided to take me up on the offer, so tomorrow the extra hanks of sock yarn will be heading east while I eagerly await my next 2 hanks of Malabrigo. They're a blue green colorway, so still not the one I'm looking for, but I'm hoping it will be lovely none the less. Fingers crossed!



Catherine said:

I have been coveting the Malabrigo ever since I saw it in person at A Mano. I desperately want some, but I have so much damn yarn right now and I am really trying keep my Large Plastic Bins Full of Yarn down to two, thankyouverymuch. ;)

Christina said:

Wow, what a beautiful color. Best of luck on adding it to your stash!

~ Christina

Mel said:

Ooh, that would look lovely in Malabrigo! :)

Sara said:

Malabrigo is lovely. I'm so glad I got some this weekend. I think I have enough to make the "Bombshell" sweater from Big Girl Knits: I have a feeling I'm going to have to wait until after Christmas to cast on, though.

spinnity said:

Wow, lots of new developments and I missed it all. But it was for a good cause! I'll tell you all about it Saturday. I look forward to meeting Malabrigo, a yarn I don't yet know.

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