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My lovely SP struck again. Here we have package 2 all wrapped up. Please don't mind the background mess that is my desk.

SP gift 2 wrapped.jpg

Here it is all unwrapped. Well, most of it anyway. There were two chocolate bars included, but they were eaten long before I got a chance to snap the photo. And oh man, the Green and Black's was amazingly delicious! I love beaded stitch markers and these are just beautiful. The yarn is Classic Elite Miracle, I've never seen it anywhere before so I'm excited to try it. The sheen is unbelievable and the color is just fabulous.

SP gift 2.jpg

My SP also requested more Ziggy pictures, so here are a couple more. The bonus is these are knitting related. Here he is modeling the green Artyarns Supermerino sweater I finally finished for him. I wound up washing it and love it even more. Though if I make this sweater again I would decrease a little more at the neckline and make the sleeves a little slimmer. Sadly this photo shows the terrible baby acne and seborrheic dermatitis he was suffering from.

green sweater.jpg

Here he is a few days later modeling the baby Yoda sweater as made by Catherine. Despite her protests the sweater fits great. Ok, there are a couple extra rolls in the sleeves, but they look adorable that way! His skin is so much better in this shot too. It's amazing what a little Cortaid (per doc's orders) can do.

Yoda sweater.jpg

His buddy Hobbes he's hanging out with was a gift from the ever talented Jen. She's amazing with a crochet hook.



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Jo said:

I think I have a sweater quantity of that exact color of Miracle... or is it Premiere? Let me know how you like it!

Christina said:

How cute! The sweaters, and Ziggy, look adorable. :) I hope you're enjoying Mommyhood!

~ Christina

CatherineG said:

Yay! Young Ziggy looks so cute! I'm beyond relieved. The Gordon Gartrelle sweater looks great on him --- I'm telling you, it's all about the model, and he's one of the cutest!

P.S. Could I please ask you to send me that photo of him for my knitting archives? Thanks! :)

ipickstickchick said:

*Breathes a sigh of relief that you like the color of the yarn*

It's a bit of an unusual color, but I picked it up and walked around the store with it a bit, then I put it away and tried to pick out something else, but I couldn't, so I took the chance.

And you have my secret pal to thank for the Green and Black's--she sent me some, and I knew I had to get some for you. Yuu-uum!

My, that Ziggy is one handsome fellow, and so well-dressed, too! ;)

spinnity said:

Hurray for secret pal - nice loot! And nice baby baby. Good to hear he's back in the pink. We have to come visit soon, I can't believe how alert & tuned in he looks now!

Sara said:

What an adorable model! And the sweaters are cute, too ;)

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