A Minor Obsession

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As some of you might know, I've got a bit of an obsession with Malabrigo. So I decided to grab all my hanks and display them so you can see why I'm in love. Here it all is.

malabrigo stash.jpg

The large orange/red pile is Sealing Wax (I swapped for this batch), the green pile is Olive (a Christmas gift from Grant), the blue/green is Vaa (also from the swap), the gorgeous red/brown is Stonechat (the color that started the obsession), the bright pink/red is my Manitou Passage scarf (yarn courtesy of my SP, pattern from 144 Inches of I-cord) and the brown hat and leftovers are Marron Oscuro (the hat was the first FO of the year and it was made for Grant).

Here's a better shot of the scarf - 1 hank will not be enough. So I'm going to put in a keyhole and then make a full length version from the Vaa you see above. Such a great pattern!




Pharmacie En Ligne said:

You are my role models. Thanks for the article

Mel said:

Thanks Kathy! The color is Amoroso. Check out Jen's site (linked in the post) for the pattern. To get the wavy edge like mine all you do is take out the 3 extra garter stitch stitches in her pattern and add 1 stitch extra to each side of the waves. Knit the first stitch of the row and slip the last stitch of the row as if to purl.

Kathy said:

Malabrigo is my favorite yarn! I'm lusting after your scarf - the color with that pattern is beautiful!

Mel said:

*blush* Thanks Jen! It's really your pattern, I just did a little modification at the edges. :)

Jen said:

Ahem. LOVE your Manitou Passage, it's BEAUTIFUL. Prettier than mine!

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