All Good Things Must End

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I'm not sure where the time went. One minute I was big as a house and leaving work to have a baby, the next I'm packing his bag to go to daycare in the morning. My time is up, tomorrow it's back to the office. I didn't expect to feel this sad. I thought I'd be at least a little happy at the thought of grown up conversation, an entire day spent in clothes free of baby drool and the continuance of my career. You know, the one I spent those years in college getting a degree for, and the hours I spent slaving away at the office to advance. And yet, right now all of that is meaningless. At this moment all I want is more time with Ziggy.

This is all so very strange to me. I'm sure in a few years, when he's off to school, I'll be happy to be back at work - as we all know I despise being a housewife and am a rather poor one at that. But for now it just plain sucks. Sorry about the pity party, I just needed to whine.



spinnity said:

Hang in there, sweetie! I'm sure this is going to mean a whole new routine for you - going home earlier to spend as much time as possible with Mr. Zig - but I hope we'll be able to meet for lunch or coffee soon!

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