The Big Reveal

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Well my upstream SP sent my last package and revealed herself. Seiding was responsible for spoiling me rotten, and here's a shot of the last bit 'o loot.

Goldfish is helping me open my goodies.

Here are my goodies unwrapped; note there was some Ritter Sport chocolate, but to save it from melting in the sunlight of the photo I was forced to eat it. I'm pondering what to make with the Indulgence, I've been fondling this yarn for a while now.

But the coolest part of all was the elephant for Ziggy! Isn't he adorable? The funny thing is I kept staring at him wondering why he looked familiar, turns out I have the pattern to make him (he's from Last Minute Knitted Gifts).

This was a great swap round, thanks so very much Seiding!!!


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