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Though there haven't been a lot of shots of FOs around here, I have managed to finish a few things. The Modified Manitou is done, though I have no pics of it completed. I made a blanket for baby Viv, but I can't quite show those photos just yet. But, I can show you the hat I made for her.


Now she's all set for football season! I have enough left over yarn that I may make another one for Mark. We'll see. For right now I need to stick to my cast on diet and keep up the progress on HSD. It has a sleeve now! One complete, blocked, long enough to fit Mr. Monkey Arms sleeve (love you honey!). I have also finished all of the black yarn and am working in the cammo.

On a whim, I've decided to join the Mystery Stole 3 KAL. I've never knit true lace before, certainly not in laceweight yarn. I've done lace patterns on socks and coffee cozys, but never a full stole. It should be interesting. To make matters more interesting the theme suggests using white or black yarn. I found a gorgeous bluish dark steel grey from Claudia's Hand Painted Yarns in 100% silk (the color is called Ink). I figure, why not dive into the tiny stitches with dark yarn.

I was swatching some black laceweight alpaca I have last night (in case I don't like the way the varigated yarn is working with the pattern) using the new Addi lace needles and I've got to say, I'm in love. The sharp tips are a dream. The coating or treatment they did to make them grabby is excellent. My poor checkbook is going to cry as I start hording these, but they are so worth it. Well, if I keep knitting with thin yarns that is. As they don't make them bigger than a 6.



Wow, does this sound delicious! I'm anxious to try it.

Jo said:

You are so right about the Addi Lace needles! I just waxed poetic about them on my blog last week!

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