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I've been searching high and low to find the newest Bebe Pod out there. For those of you that aren't new moms obsessed with toys, this is a soft chair meant for infants. The other brand out there everyone seems to carry is the Bumbo. Ziggy has one he uses at daycare and loves it, but it's one of the plain ones. Poking around online I found the newest model of Bebe Pod is not only red (my favorite color), but also comes with a tray you can use to feed the kiddo on and it has a toy you can attach to the tray to entertain the kiddo. So I went hunting high and low to find it. Sadly none of the brick and mortar stores in this area carry it. I finally had to break down and order it online. Luckily I found a discount coupon to offset the shipping costs.

I'm so glad I opted for the toy model - look how much he likes it.
Zig in Pod.JPG

Clearly, it's tasty too!
Zig in Pod2.JPG


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