Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

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Time once again for an update on the Husband Sweater of Doom. Yes, that's the name I've given it, I think it's apt. Not sure that will be the name when I publish the pattern, but it is certainly the working title.

I've put myself on a cast on diet and have been plugging away at the HSD. I'm almost done with one of the black skeins in the body and there isn't much left in the second. So all seems well. Except for the fact that a certain princess kitty decided to pee on the sleeve. Which led me to have to wash the sleeve before it was done. That was the one step back.

However, it led to a very encouraging step forward. The sleeve grew 3" in the wash. This means that I should have enough yarn to make this crazy thing work. However, it will make my pattern instructions a little trickier for folks that want to sub in a yarn that doesn't grow quite so much.

Ah well, at least the HSD is growing, one way or the other. The roadtrip to LA this weekend should provide further growth as well. I will finish this beast!



Sara said:

Good luck with HSD! Every once in a while Richard prods me about when I'm going to pick up his again. When I wasn't knitting, and only working on the quilt, I had a good excuse, but with my renewed interest in knitting, I don't have that excuse anymore...

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