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I'm starting to take control of my knitting and my knitting accessories. Ravelry really got me off my duff to do this. So when I saw the super cute needle case Jen got from Zknitter I knew I had to have one for my DPNs. I emailed her and asked her about doing a custom job. She was super fast and super sweet and agreed. So I sent her the scrap fabric I had left over from the other Jen's Christmas gift lining and she sent me back this beauty.

Case Closed.jpg

A shot of the inside.

Case Open.jpg

I love it! It's huge and well made and holds all my DPNs. There's even room to grow. So now not only do I have all my DPNs (that aren't filled with projects that is) is one place, I've also entered them into my Ravelry catalog so I'll be able to look up what sizes I have the next time I'm doing some online shopping. That's sweet too!



I'm anxious to make this! thks!

spinnity said:

Hey.. do you have any trouble with the shorter versions of the smaller size DPNs slipping out? I have a really cute DPN case in vintage upholstery fabric... but every time I turn it upside down (you know, the way you do), the littlest DPNs fall out and I lose my cool. How is this bag for keeping everything snugged in place?

mel said:

That is lovely!!

Sara said:

It's really pretty! And good for you on the organization kick. I never know what I have, other than my Denise set. But DPNs, Addis, circs, I have no idea...

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