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While on my organizing kick this weekend I dug out all my WIPs. Yes, all of them. UFOs and potential residents of the frog pond included. I took pictures and found patterns and yarn info and loaded them all into Ravelry. So I now have an account of everything that is at some point of completion.

Since Spinnity was asking for pictures, here's a little walk through my WIP pile. I'm going to work oldest to newest. At least, as best as I can remember the cast on order, don't hold me to it.

First up you see the modified Joseph jacket from Knitty. This was meant to be a baby sweater for Trevor. He's now three, and still not big enough to fit in this. All I need to do is weave in ends and sew in a zipper. This was my very first sweater cast on. Clearly it wasn't the first one finished.

Kid Sweater.jpg

Next up is Mariah from Knitty. This needs a zipper sewn in and I need to do something to the hood. I don't like the way it starts on the front neckline. Luckily I have another skein of the yarn, so I should be able to come up with something.


Next up is the HSD. You all know this story. I'm not laying it out as I want the FO to be a surprise, and quite possible to be a published pattern. Fingers crossed.


Here is a random green hat. I was trying to use up stash yarn and clearly there wasn't enough. Luckily, I had some leftovers from my Ballet Tee that I think will look nice with this. So I'll frog it and rework it.

Green Hat.jpg

My Katia Fanny Cardigan. Found this yarn and pattern on Elann. I put it on hold to work on the HSD.

Katia Sweater.jpg

A Moda Dea pattern for a diamond pullover sweater for my sis. She liked the pattern, I found a substitute yarn on Elann. The size seems off, so I'm waiting to try it on her and see if she likes it or not.

Carrie Sweater.jpg

Grant's cashmere scarf. A double knit reversible cable reversible color scarf. He's not in love with the cable width and I'm not sure it's worth the trouble. Very likely to be frogged, but I learned some new skills fiddling with it.

Cashmere Scarf.jpg

A little sweater I'm whipping up from Modern Classics using yarn from Stitches. A giftie for someone I know.

Mystery Sweater.jpg

My silk rhapsody scarf. I made this once and it was too thin. Now with the wider scarf the color pooling is very consistent. What do you guys think?

Silk Rhapsody Scarf.jpg

A potential top. I'm fiddling with the design. Not sure I'm in love with the red/black combo. Might be a bit too 80s.

Party Top.jpg

Crystalline Lattice socks. Found the pattern on the Crystal Palace website after seeing the sock in Purlescence. For once I'm using the called for yarn and not modifying a pattern.

Panda Socks.jpg

Last, but not least, I'm test knitting my own pattern. Good thing too, after a year I'm not liking some of the wording. The picture isn't super clear because I'm hoping to publish this one too. Isn't the color yummy though?


Of course, the two mystery stoles are also on the needles, but you just saw pictures of those.



I think Sara had a red/black sweater like that in junior high!

mel said:

He he - I have an HSD too (not of my own design), it's been on the needles since Christmas time and I just can't bring myself to work on it, poor Tad!

Good luck with the publishing plans, I'm so excited at the prospect of seeing your stuff out there!

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