MS 3 - Clue 1

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Here's a shot of my first attempt at knitting a laceweight stole. I'm kind of digging this project oddly enough (signed up for the challenge of knitting black laceweight, wasn't too sure I'd want the end product as I'm not a stole sort of girl). I love knitting from a chart and this yarn is so wonderfully soft. I think the variegation turned out very subtle and I like it, though I wish I'd used slightly more contrasting beads.

MS3 Clue 1.jpg

Tahoe was wonderful and when I get a chance I'll blog all about it.



mel said:

Oh, it's lovely!

I love the color that you chose :) Everyone seems to be having so much fun with this, I can't wait to see what it looks like!!

monica said:

It's lovely!!!

My first real lace project too, and I definitely don't like shawls/stoles, but this was too cool to pass up :)

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