MS 3 - Clue 4

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Though I haven't blogged much about it, I am still chugging along on my mystery stole. At this point the game is over and the clues are all out. Turns out the theme was Swan Lake. Having seen some of the finished stoles out there, I've got to say that though the wing is beautiful, I don't think it matches the rest of the design at all. So I'm going to do the modified symmetrical version.

Here is the first half of my stole complete.
MS3 Clue 4.jpg

I stopped quite a few rows early, as I was tired of the cats paws section and feel that my stole will be plenty long enough with blocking. I did decided to add beads to the last row evenly spaced to create continuity from the top and bottom of the stole. You can't really see them in my terrible action shot above, but they're there. I'm almost done with clue 1 on my second half, I'll post pictures when it is actually done.



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