Lab Socks

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My lab socks are done. Here you can see them in the wild. This is the Crystalline Lattice Pattern (free from CPY) written by Bogie.

CL Sock.jpg

They remind me why it is I don't wear hand knit socks; there is no elastic so they get slouchy and I spend all day pulling them up. It's a great pattern, and yes, they are the right size, this is just the nature of the beast so to speak. I've tried many patterns and many yarns and I just don't like to wear hand knit socks. But they're bright and fun and will make me smile when I'm in the lab at work.

While I may not love to wear hand knit socks boy, do I love to make them. There just so satisfyingly quick and endlessly portable. I've also got to say this was a very well written pattern. It has both charts and written out instructions, which is great since no two knitters think alike or work alike. It also works really well with the recommended yarn. I know, shock of shocks, I used the recommended yarn for a pattern.


Jo said:

Maybe you could try some of the sock yarn that has elastic in it? Like Cascade's Fixation?

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