The Birthday Gamut

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The beginning of February is a very busy time in our home. Zig, Grant and I have birthdays that are all spaced out by 5 days. I have mine on the 1st, Zig's on the 6th and Grant's on the 11th. All in all this keeps us hopping. I'd love to post pictures of Zig's 1st birthday, but sadly we only took video. On the bright side, his party is this Saturday, so I'll be making a mental note to at least take some snapshots then. I can't believe he's somehow 1 now. He's walking and climbing and babbling, doing all these things a toddler would do. Which I guess makes sense, since he is now a toddler. But I just keep looking around and wondering where that little baby went; time goes too quickly it seems. Ah well, it's been a great ride and I'm looking forward to many more years with my boys.

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