Guess Where We're Moving?

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Last month the owner of our house advised us that she's selling the place. She then kindly offered it to us for $910,000. As we don't exactly have that kind of money we were forced to start looking for a new place to live. We discovered the rental market is abysmal right now. Our choices were back to apartment life (now with added kiddo), switch to a cheaper neighborhood (and give up all the things we love about the Peninsula) or pay $3500 a month in rent. So we voted none of the above.

We took a little trip and decided to leave the state. Here are some shots from our visit. Can you tell where we went? It's going to be our new home for the next year, and likely longer.



We've crunched the numbers and by moving I can now bring in $0 each month and we're still fiscally in the same boat. With the added bonus that in a couple years we could buy a house there (as it is about half the cost of the Bay). So for the first time in my life I get to choose what I want to do (as opposed to making the best choice of what will pay the bills). This is a huge blessing and I'm so excited!

I wish I could have done it here in California, as I'm a native and it will always be home in my heart. But I just can't pass up the chance to finally find a career that makes me happy. So once we move next month I'm going to put 100% of my efforts into Stick Chick Knits! I'll be designing and selling like a mad woman along with teaching at some of the LYSs. I'm also going to have a ton more time to spend with Zig, and that's a great thing.

For Mother's Day Grant got me the best gift of all, a new website design! We spent Zig's entire nap brainstorming and playing with colors and designs. SCK has a new face, but you won't see it just yet because he's got to write the code to actually make the pretty pictures come to life. I'm going to use the same design for my patterns as well to tie it all together. I'm so excited! But the icing on my Mother's Day was our trip to Cold Stone. Zig sat in a normal chair (no booster seat) and shared an ice cream with us. He fed himself using his own spoon. I almost cried. I can't believe at 15 months he's sitting in a chair feeding himself. He ate pancakes with a fork Saturday morning. It goes so fast.

Here's my new favorite photo of the little guy. We were visiting Tammy and her family and he fell in love with the princess chair. I died laughing when I saw this photo.

Zig Throne.JPG



Christi said:

You mentioned in the email you sent me the other day that you were moving, but I had NO IDEA you were moving out of state! That's great that you'll be able to stay home with Zig, but I'll miss you living even further away. I can't believe Mark is feeding himself already. Wow it goes fast. Can't wait to talk to you when you have the chance.


jeni said:

Oh, nooos! Well, I <3 the Pacific Northwest and if I had to live anywhere but here, it'd be there. Good luck to you and the fam! Hopefully I'll get to see you before you're off on your new adventure.

Sara said:

Hmm, does this mean Friends Thanksgiving is in Seattle this year? I'm so happy for you guys, knowing that you're going to focus on building your own business.

mel said:

Oh, that is awesome Mel. AWESOME. I couldn't be happier for you & your family :) Funny that we talked about alternate career paths so long ago now... It seems you have found the perfect fit. I think when things fall into place in such a way it totally happens for a reason!

I'm sorry you're leaving us but very happy for you! And I can't believe how big Zig is - yikes!

renee said:

hmmmm, slugs and espresso? could it be washington state, perhaps seattle?
miss you my dear, i'm so happy to hear that you are going after your dreams :)

Catherine said:

I only know of where you are moving to because I heard it from someone (i.e. my sister) who heard from someone who takes very good care of Mark! ;) Congratulations - I'm super excited for you!

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