Yay Deadlines!

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Ok, I know that sounds a bit crazy, but hear me out. Back in Feb there was a whirlwind of designing to get Violeta out in time for Stitches West. Thanks to the deadline from Erin at Bobbin's Nest I was able to design and publish my very first for pay pattern. It was wonderfully exciting, but a bit rushed. Also, I didn't have time to develop a brand for Stick Chick Knits, so the pattern was on the generic side.

I kept meaning to actually get around to some site design and branding. After I started getting feedback from knitters I realized the pattern wasn't as clear as I would have liked either. So my wonderful little pattern was starting to make me a bit sad. I wanted it pretty and perfect and out on Ravelry and SCK and it wasn't.

It sat and sat as a weight on my shoulders for months. Then woosh, I quit my day job and could focus full time. But it wasn't until Wendee at Hazel Knits said she needed copies for a show tomorrow that I finally got off my duff.

So thanks to that deadline I hired Ada to tech edit for me and we spent the better part of this last week completely revamping the pattern. If you've got the old version, drop me a note and I'll send you a new copy. After that was done it was a crazy late night with Grant working on the layout. Today was fighting to get it able to print at Wendee's house.

But at long last it is done. It is pretty and perfect (to me). It's available for sale on Ravelry. When Grant finishes my site it will be available for sale there too.

So I say yay deadlines, without them I wouldn't get anything done.

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Janice said:

I hear ya! Working at your own pace can be good for some things but there's nothing like a deadline to motivate you to get things done. BTW, the last link in your post doesn't go to the Violeta pattern page on Ravelry, it puts the pattern in my shopping cart and takes me to a Paypal "pay here" page... which might be what you intended, but there's no photo or info about the pattern on that page.

Congratulations on the move! The new knitting group sounds promising.

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