Introducing Prickly!

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I've been off the radar for the last couple months as I've been busy relocating, settling in and diving into Stick Chick Knits. I've got a promise from Grant that the site, in a very limited fashion, will be up and running next week in time for TKGA. So while he's been working on my site I've been working on the content. Violeta was cleaned up, Sunset Scales was reformatted to the new layout and as of last night, Prickly joins the line up.


I'm super excited about this design, as I have been wearing them every chance I get (and believe me, in Seattle, there's been no shortage of chances). The pattern is currently available for sale at Ravelry and will be shipped next week to Bobbin's Nest Studio and Bonita Knitting, just as soon as I get to the printer and the post office. Why don't toddlers nap more?


This looks great! I can't wait to make this recipe.

mel said:

Oh Mel - they are GREAT!! And the pictures too, really beautiful presentation. Congrats! So glad to see you.

mel said:

Oh Mel - those are GREAT! The pictures too - beautiful presentation. Congrats :) So glad to see you.

Sara said:

Woo hoo! Purty!

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