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Thanks to all for the advice on the thank you note situation, very interesting solutions to ponder.

As you all know, I gave up my day job last June in order to pursue SCK full time. This has lead to a tightening of the budget around here until I can increase my revenue streams. One of the first things we realized is that cooking at home is a huge savings, however, I hate cooking. In a world with infinite money, I would have a chef on staff that would cook all my meals for me. Alas, I'm not in that world.

So, much as I hate to admit it, there have been a disproportionate number of frozen pizzas and hot dogs consumed of late. I can somehow manage to feed the monkey all sorts of nutritious food (don't get me started on the sheer number of bananas we go through in a week), but when it comes to Grant and I it just falls short. However, once in a while we'll be adventurous and try something new. Tonight was one of those nights.

We made some of the best pasta ever from random ingredients in the fridge and it was super simple. So easy, even I can handle it. Though, to be fair, Grant handled the bacon end of things (I hate touching raw meat). I have to share it was so good.

Boil up a pot of noodles. In a skillet fry up some pre-chopped bacon with butter, onions and fresh thyme. When the bacon is cooked, drain off a bit of the fat, and then dump the rest of the mixture over the noodles. Grate Mizithra cheese on top of it all, toss, and add a bit more Mizithra on top before serving. So freaking tasty!


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