Stitches West '09

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I'm back from Stitches and have recovered enough from a crazy weekend away to recap all the fun. Sadly my camera had no batteries, so there are no photos of the weekend to show off.

Thursday was supposed to be my day to relax. I was arriving in the early afternoon and had planned to get a pedicure and then wander down to the market preview. Sadly, Virgin had other plans for me. My flight wound up being delayed by two hours. On the bright side, I got the body of my next sweater design finished while waiting. On the not so bright side my pedicure was missed and I had to rush to get to Spinnity's house in time to get to the preview.

We had a lovely time at the preview, I spent my Christmas gift cert to Webs on some lovely wool/silk from Plymouth and had a great dinner at Tomatina after with Spinnity, Bill, Jo and her mom Joyce and 'S'. Thoroughly worn out I crashed back at Spinnity's house.

Friday was a day long design class with Edie Eckman. I wish I'd been able to take this class last year, when I had originally planned to, it would have helped me immensely. As it is, I still learned some new things and got the inside scoop on the publishing world. Friday night I was entertained by Bill's live music while enjoying Cajun food with more of my old friends; Bogie and Roger, Jeni and Becky and later in the evening Rebecca and Adam popped in.

Saturday was more fun at the show, lunch with some friends from my previous day job and off to the Bobbin's Nest after party. I missed dinner and was late to the party because I thought I'd lost my jewelry bag. Who knew it was in my purse all along? I heard the gang at the Thai place had fun. I would have rather been there than frantically looking for my earrings. But once I got to the party I had a blast. It was awesome seeing Erin, the hostess with the mostest, and Wendee again.

I'm also happy to say that the Stitches after party was the launch of my new pattern, Twist & Sprout! I've been busy doing the layout work on these and thanks to Spinnity some revisions on all my patterns. Now that these are finally launched I can take a breather before diving in to my fall designs.



Sunday was a brief trip to the show followed by an uneventful trip home. I was lucky enough to be on the same flight back as Wendee. It's always nice to be able to chat while waiting for the plane. There's another design in the works for her fabulous sock yarn, but that's all I can say for now!



Hans pogosh said:

Good stuff I’ve bookmarked this in Digg under "Stitches West '09 - Remarkable Cow". Thanks.

hypoglycemia said:

How do you use a flash drive to connect wirelessly from your router to a laptop?

Wow, does this sound amazing! I'm anxious to try it.

mel said:

Yay! Mel, that is awesome! Your trip to Stitches, and most definitely those adorable hats :) I'm so pleased to see your design work taking off!! It makes me all proud & stuff!!

PS, I'm getting way (WAY) ahead of myself here.... And pipe dreaming possibly a little TOO much... Any chance you may be at Sock Summit? Or Any chance of a possible west coast meetup in the August-ish timeframe?

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