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Well fair reader, I've found my way to Tokyo safe and sound. I'm sitting at the Narita World Club lounge waiting for my 8 hour flight to Singapore, as if the 10 hours I spent on an airplane just minutes ago was not enough time in the air.

On the bright side, the bathrooms in world business class offer fine Aveda products (moisturizing lotion and spray on toner) to keep a weary traveler refreshed.

I got lots of wonderful goodies too! Yet another small zippered bag (in red and black, looks great with my yarn tote) filled with all the things I'd already packed in my other small zippered black pouch. The tote contained ear plugs, a sleeping mask, black socks, chap stick, a pen and a comb. Plus they gave us slippers to wear around the cabin and headphones for our terminals.

I didn't bother with the movie terminal until the last hour or so of the flight as I was entranced by my new iPod shuffle (the mystery b-day gift from Grant I had to wait for). I kept meaning to put it down and turn on a movie, but I kept thinking, after this song, I love this song, and another wonderful song would come up. The shuffle is great! It's like listening to a really cool radio station filled with your songs and no commercials. Oh, and it doesn't weigh a thing. My pack of gum is taking up more space at the moment.

On the yarn front, I've finished sleeve 1 of Trevor's sweater and attached it to the body, now I'm working on sleeve 2. Note, this is a cardigan I'm knitting on circulars with raglan sleeves, no insets for me!!! Much easier this way, we'll see how it looks when I'm done. All it takes is a little grafting under the armpit, which is not something I have a problem with, unlike those stupid round seams. It may mark a renewed interest in non-vest projects.

As I was absorbed by my book, iPod and knitting (yes, all at the same time) I did not get any sleep. But I did recline the seat to check it out. Problem, it may become a flat board, but it sits at an angle (pretty steep one too), so you slide down to the very bottom and wind up with a lot of pressure on your feet. Not as nice as hoped, but light years better than the back of the bus.

I must admit I was rather surprised walking off the plane into the Narita airport and seeing every sign in both Japanese and English. The more I travel around the world, the more amazed I am at how accommodating other countries are to English speaking travelers.

I am disappointed, however, because all the really weird t-shirts that I liked and was thinking of buying were for children. Though I'm eyeing a nice looking Sake set and chopsticks to take home as souvenirs. I figure I'll pick up what I want when I come back through on my return home so that I don't have to cart it out to Penang only to bring it back.

If there are requests (other than the Noro) please let me know. I will, as always, keep my eyes peeled for Noro stashes. Too bad my layover wasn't long enough to leave the airport.

As I'm now feeling rather wiped out I'm going to grab a drink and head off.

You'll hear more from me in Singapore, I'm sure!



camera review said:

Thank you, this is the worst thing I've read

Grant said:

Okay, you're only in the airport and I'm green with envy. I know we've got this year tied up with Egypt, but next year is Asia!!

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