I'm Off!

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The journey has begun! I'm sitting in the World Club lounge at SFO using a painfully slow dial-up connection while waiting for my flight to Tokyo. I've started the photo journal of this trip, but am refraining from uploading just yet due to said slow connection.

I'd like to take a moment to thank my generous company for paying for business class. The first perk of business class is that I get to enjoy the World Club lounge. It's quiet in here, with lots of seats and work cubes. There's also a self-serve bar and coffee station. Between my stop at Starbucks this morning while running errands and the coffee station, I'm up to 4 shots of espresso. Luckily I'm pretty immune to the stuff, so sleeping once I get on the plane will be no big deal.

Sadly, I did not get to Knitting Arts or the Meet-Up last night due to being at the office until 8 pm, which makes sense considering I got in at 11 am due to running errands all morning. This means I'm a bit short on knitting projects for the flight. I've only got Trevor's cardigan, my sister's beaded and knit scarf and Chris' hat to work on. Hopefully I'll be able to find some sort of yarn depot somewhere in Asia so that I'll have things to work on for the return flight.

Well it's getting close to boarding time, so I should let this thing upload at it's own slow pace. Keep you eyes peeled for more updates; I'm hoping I can get a high-speed connection at the hotel in Singapore tomorrow night.



spinnity said:

Of course you're going to find a yarn stash in Penang or maybe on a layover. Because we all need NORO here at home and you are our only hope, Obi Wan.

Have a great flight & a lovely trip. Let's see some photos soon soon soon!

Grant said:

I am SOOOO jealous!! You better take pictures of everything!

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