What a Week!

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Both of my avid fans may have noticed that I went missing last week. This is because I spent 4 out of the 7 days last week on an airplane. Tues/Wed I was traveling in and out of Mexico. Thurs/Fri I was in and out of Detroit. The joys of business travel!
There was no rest for the wicked this weekend, as I had Grant in town for his 30th birthday party. Much fun was had by all both in Belmont and SF. It was wonderful to have Grant home, he left much too early for my taste.

After Grant and our friends departed, some via airplane, on Sunday I wandered over to Stitches for a bit before meeting my sis and her husband for lunch and going home to clean the wreckage that was my house.

This was my first Stitches, and I must say I did not give myself enough time. Though I must also grumble that I could not find any yarns there that were both affordable and likeable. Some of the affordable options didn't come in colors I wanted and what was in colors/textures that I wanted wasn't affordable (a $240 cashmere sweater is not in my budget, sadly).

I'm also very sad about this because I was hording my birthday money for this event. On the bright side, with the money I didn't spend on yarn I should be able to get some amazing souvenirs from Asia.

That's right dear reader; soon you will be entertained with my tales of a sojourn through the exotic East. As my hotel in Penang has internet access I should be able to blog my entire trip real time once I get there.

Watch for photos of all the projects I finish on the 42 hours of air travel I have looming ahead of me!



Dad said:

You go girl.....!!!! enjoy the "hours" of nothingness called long distance air travel! Just remember, the pilots are just as bored as you will be! :)

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