Monkey Madness

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Sometimes exactly what you need is right under your nose...

I decided with summer on the way, and many lazy poolside days ahead of me, I needed to make the Cocktail Monkey Bag from Knitty. I love cocktails, monkeys and bags, so I had to have it!

As traffic was snarled last night I detoured far into Mountain View to obtain the makings of the bag from JoAnn's, since the websites for both the cord and the fringe claimed JoAnn's carried their products. The fringe did not exist there at all, and the cord was there, but in the wrong gauge. Back to the freeway I went, and off to the next JoAnn's along my way home. Same situation.

Today at lunch I decided to swing by the local Michael's, figuring they might carry a similar product from a different source since they were not listed as a retailer of either product. Much to my happy surprise they carried both the fringe and the cord, in the right gauge! To make me even happier, they have a small selection of fat quarters for crafting projects, so I was even able to pick up the lining for the bag, which I was sure I was going to have to go to JoAnn's to get after I finally found the fringe and picked a color I liked.

Not only did they have all the materials, but they actually carried metal double point needles too (which the pattern calls for), though for some odd reason these only come in a 4 pack, wooden double points are always sold in 5 packs. I'm going to need 5 needles for this project, so I'm going to hope that the wood will work well with the cording, otherwise I'll have to buy a second 4 pack (I bought the first 4 pack before I realized that this project needed 5 needles).

I now have everything I need for the bag, except the monkeys, which I can buy online. That is, if they don't have them at BevMo, which I'm checking out after work today.

I am making a minor adjustment to the monkey bag though (I think), I want to use Fun Fur for the fringe instead of the fringe they had, because I liked the colors better, but I'm not sure if it will work. So, once the bag is done I'll see how the Fun Fur looks. If I hate it I can always exchange it for the fringe. We'll see how it turns out.



Jean Myers said:

I'm trying to find everything I need at JoAnn's. I need the ribbed knit that you put around necklines, sleeves, bottoms, and leggs. I am also looking for singer twin needles. Jean

spinnity said:

Cool project! Ya know, after visiting 3 Michael's and one Joann in a pre-Christmas scarf frenzy, I had a farily similar experience in Cupertino and Sunnyvale. Joann's yarn selection is nowhere near as nice as most Michael's. Michael's had more types of yarn, more stock for each type/color, more needles.. I've sworn off Joann's.

Also, I believe there is a story about Elizabeth Zimmerman knitting socks on 5 different sized needles. I'm sure you will be able to use most of a set of size 4's and one other needle of any size 4 to 6.

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