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As it's been way too long since my last knitting post, I decided that I should update my knitting status today.

Along with all the FOs actually pictured in the gallery I have also finished my yummy Camissimo scarf (pictures will be in the gallery once I get someone to snap a shot of me in it, as I have barely parted with the thing since it's completion) and the Fibonacci scarf (as already mentioned in an earlier post).

I now have not one, but two child sweaters in the almost finished pile. The dreaded sweater with the bad sleeve I still haven't removed and re-attached (one of these days Mary and I will actually sit down and correct our two bungled sleeves over coffee) and now Trevor's sweater. All the knitting is done, but I was thwarted in getting the perfect zipper locally. So I'm now eagerly awaiting the zipper's arrival from New York, which is where the company I ordered from online is located. If you ever need a zipper in a very specific color or length let me know, this place has them all.

Happily I get to see Trevor this weekend, so I will try and snap a shot of him wearing it without the zipper to check the fit. This one is much more reasonably sized and likely to fit than the last one.

I have three works in progress. The first is a baby blanket for our friends that are due in August. It's a very sweet variegated white/blue/green/yellow color in Bernat Cottontots. A simple diamond pattern I cooked up, remarkably similar to one of Mary's baby sweaters in the works. The second is an attempt at beading and knitting together that is incredibly horrible to work on, though I'm looking forward to giving my sister the finished scarf, as the ones at Stitches looked really good. The last is a general mess that will one day be a scarf for my sister (lucky girl will get 2 scarves from me one day).

I bought some Noro Silk Garden because it had the colors my sister was looking for and eagerly went home to design her a scarf. I now have the beginnings of 4 different scarf patterns and I'm not sure I really like any of them (I've worked off of both ends of 2 skeins).

So I shall submit my 4 scarf proposals to the Meet-Up group tomorrow and see what they suggest. Then it will be time to frog them and start over with the new design. If anyone has any suggestions, other than the diagonal scarf that's all over the net when you Google Noro, (I've already got two variations of it on my needles) I'm all ears.



spinnity said:

I didn't have any good ideas for the scarf tonight, so that didn't help.

On the sleeve issue - I did rip the sleeves off the Fog Chaser, so I'm ready to contemplate re-installation. How's Monday next week?

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