Hemp, Hemp, Hooray!

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Ok, couldn't resist the awful pun. :)

I am happy to announce that I am DONE with the awful hemp knitting. As of yesterday the monkeys have a bag and handles in which to play. They are currently drying out on the porch. Wet hemp is a truly gross thing to look at.

I whipped up the fringe last night too. Now all I have to do is sew up the lining and put it all together. With any luck by Wednesday I should be posting pictures of the completed Cocktail Monkey Bag.

I'm now dedicating all my time to finishing Alyssa's X-back for her birthday present (yes, I know, we're a ways off from May 2nd, I'm a horrible aunt this year).

It's torture though, because I really want to finish my own X-back first. The weather has been great for it, and I just bought the perfect earrings and necklace to wear with it at Ryan and Sara's wedding shower this weekend. I know, that sounds a little weird, but late into the party (after many lovely glasses of Sangiovese) the mother of the hostess announces that she has some of her jewelry set up in the other room, if any of us would like to look through it and buy some pieces. Well this seemed like a lovely idea at the time. So I now have several nifty new pieces of jewelry I had not expected to have, but I'm most pleased with the set that goes with the X-back, because that top just calls out for a necklace.

But, I will say no to temptation and finish Alyssa's first, I swear, maybe.



spinnity said:

I hadn't actually *looked* at the X-back until now. Oh my god is that cute! what an awesome present, even if it will arrive a bit late. You'll be knitting your own X-back across the midwest, I bet, and wearing it before you get back!

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