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Cocktail Monkey Bag.JPGThe monkeys are done and out of my knitting life! Getting the lining sewn into the bag so that the seam didn't show was particularly annoying, but well worth it. Now the monkeys can join Grant and I on our little holiday. Hooray!

It turned out smaller than the finished dimensions given in the pattern, but not by too much. I'm happy to see that the disgusting wet hemp dried out nicely and is back to a lovely neutral color (instead of slime grey).

It's the perfect pool bag; it holds keys, cell phone, lip balm and sunscreen. That and a good book (or some knitting) are all I need for lazy poolside relaxing.



Wow, does this sound great! I'm eager to try it.

Inez Drimmer said:

I think, what is it good idea.

Christina said:

What a cute bag. I saw it on Knitty and was trying to decide whether or not to add it to my evergrowing FWIP list. Have fun on your trip!

~ Christina

Sara said:

Since you are taking the mokey purse to Egypt, you have a good chance of winning the Knitty contest! It's a photo contest for the best photo showcasing a piece made from a knitty pattern. Imagine the monkey purse with the Great Pyramid? Or Knitty on the Nile?

Marcos said:

Hey ove it all, one suggestion is that you should have a good zipper lock bag so you can cover your cell phone....just in case you don't drop it in the water..and that has happened to me so many times that now I have one and I can even take it underwater and it's seal proof!So enjoy everything and keep us posted. I called Grant today and wished him on behalf of mother and us the issue as to how proud we are that he did it, we knew he could and god bless him and you and the rest of the family....Bye!!!

spinnity said:

Too freaking cute, Mel! And good tip about the fwapping, I bet that would help break up the fibers. Have an awesome trip.. and then another awesome trip!

Mel said:

Don't let my complaining scare you off, it's well worth the effort (and I've got plenty of extra monkeys if you need some).

After it was too late I read a few techniques for making the hemp softer and easier to work with. Apparently it just needs fwapping. Check out the Knitty board for more fwapping information.

Rebecca said:

Hey, Mel, it looks adorable! Sorry it was such a bitch to make. (I hope your fingers have recovered.) I saw the pattern, too, and was tempted, but I've had second thoughts after your descriptions! Still, enjoy it now.

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