Congratulations to Grant!

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First, and most importantly, I open with a very sincere congratulations to Grant! I am so proud of him for finishing his Masters!!! The ceremony on Saturday went very well, except for the unexpected waterworks that ensued after they called his name and he shook hands with the professor on stage. Neither his Mom nor I could quite keep from crying, I must admit it was pretty overwhelming.

We spent a wonderful Memorial day weekend wandering upstate New York wiht his parents. Lots of great photos will be up as soon as Grant gets a chance to upload them.

On Tuesday we wandered into Canada for a couple of days. Niagara Falls was breathtaking, we took the Maid of the Mist into the spray and I couldn't believe the colors on the water with the sunlight coming at the falls. After the falls we spent the night, and part of the next day, in Toronto. Toronto is such a great city!

The family humored me and we went to Romni Wools and The Naked Sheep, both very excellent yarn stores. Romni, I must admit, was completely overwhelming, but would be an amazing resource for a specific project. The Naked Sheep, on the other hand, was small, but had some great stuff. I got the most amazing Canadian hand dyed scarf project there, I'll have to post pictures later.

After the return to NY it was packing and an early departure on Thursday morning. Friday we made it through New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. We stopped in Illinois for the night and Grant is now encouraging me to wrap this up so we can hit the road again.

Our end goal for tonight will be somewhere in Nebraska.


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