Finally Made it to SLC

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We made great time across Illinois and Nebraska, so we decided to push on into Cheyenne for the night. The closer we got the more dangerous the weather got. At first it was just beautiful lightening dancing across the sky, but soon the downpour came with it. After dodging the spray off quite a few semis we finally made it into Cheyenne and called it a night.

We were really quite happy, since it would be a short shot into SLC the next day, so we went to bed and got up a little late the next morning. After breakfast we hit the road, and discovered it was closed. Turns out there was a SNOWSTORM in the pass between Cheyenne in Laramie the night before. The roads were all closed at 5am, and there was no reopening time announced. So we spent the afternoon in Cheyenne, pondering if we should head south to Denver and cut across on the 70 or just wait out the closure.

By around 2 pm we had done just about all there was to do in Cheyenne and discovered that the local roads, though not the 80 were opened. So we found a back road through Medicine Bow National Park and decided our 4x4 would get us through whatever we found (or we would turn back).

The road was clear and the scenery was breathtaking. Though once we got near the end the fog rolled in and it got white. I swear it felt like January, not June. After a little jog in the road we were back on the 80, which was still closed in both directions, just not on the little strip we needed into Laramie. The line of cars waiting for it to reopen stretched around 5 miles back. It was crazy.

After Laramie it was smooth sailing to SLC and dinner with Ben. Sadly, Katie and the kids aren't home this weekend, so we didn't get to see them. It's been great catching up with Ben though.

Today our end goal is home, let's hope there's no snow in Nevada.



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