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Grant and I arrived, safe and sound, into Belmont last night around 9 pm. Although, we almost didn't come home last night, since we had to pass right near Lake Tahoe and desparately wanted to spend a night there and then come home today. I've traveled a fair bit at this point, and Tahoe is still one of my favorite places in all the world.

Responsibility nagged at our conscience however, and we passed on Tahoe so we could have today for unpacking, repacking and cleaning. Not nearly as fun, but with a three week vaction looming just two days away, I suppose I shouldn't be too grumpy.



Rebecca said:

Welcome home, world traveler! I am jealous of your wandering, nothing I like better than a good road trip.

Thanks again for coming to see my show before heading off to NY - we'll miss you at meet-up. I assume you can buy cotton yarn in Egypt? :-)

Christina said:

Glad to hear your back safe and sound. Have fun on your vacation!

~ Christina

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