My New Knitting Obsession

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Well as if knitting itself wasn't a big enough obsession of mine, I've got a new sub-obsession, it's coffee cozys! These are fabulous! Eco-friendly and stash reducing. I made one, but it came out huge (resized for gauge in the cast on, but not finished height), so I'm thinking of giving it to my friend Deanna, who drinks nothing but ventis, it should fit those cups just fine.

So, needing a smaller one, I made number 2, but it still needs fringe. It's identical to number 1, just shorter (and momentarily fringeless). Then, enjoying the experience so much, I just cast on number 3 this evening in a totally different color combo. I'm also plotting number 4, should there be any yarn left over from the next baby boy sweater I'm cooking up in my head.

I'll post pictures just as soon as the three are complete, so you can see them all together. In the meantime, you can check out the gallery for pics of the two x-backs and the ill designed cat toy. It was meant to be a donation to charity, but since my own cats won't play with it, I don't think any other cats will either. So it's back to making wontons to donate, boring, but at least they'll be played with.

I've also posted my next pattern and added my WIPs to the blog. I feel like it's coming along nicely. Now, I just have to get around to redecorating, it's a little drab around here.



spinnty said:

On my way up the stairs to work I was thinking: well, I have blue and white yarn with me.. I have the right size needles...

I held off temptation for a couple days, but I really think I need a blue & white cotton denim coffee cozy. I am drawn in by your enthusiasm!

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