Blind Luck

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For those of you that follow my blog, you most likely know that Grant and I spent 3 wonderful weeks in Egypt last month, the last week of which was spent in Sharm El Sheikh, yes, that Sharm El Sheikh. The one that was devastated this weekend by the horror of the terrorist bombings that killed nearly 100 people, in the tourist zone. You know, the one I said seemed like Disneyland? Where Grant and I felt like we were in European resort? So totally safe. We ate dinner one night at the hotel that's now gone, just a month prior (give or take a day) to the date.

It's a very strange feeling to have come so close to something like this, I'm not sure how to react. But I do know that my heart goes out to every single person touched by that horrorible act, the injured, the dead and their families and friends. I cannot begin to fathom what they must be going through, but my prayers are with them. Egypt is a beautiful place, and despite this act, I look forward to returning again one day when I can.



spinnty said:

Isn't it just mind-rattling to think of a place with such fond memories and know it has been destroyed? I've been thinking of you two the last week, since the news and wondering if you knew the places they were talking about.

I have an English colleague in the cube next to mine, and in you, I know someone who was in Egypt recently. It's hard, but we all have to keep trying to live full, free lives. The open hand will lead us to peace, not the fist.

Hope that's not too pretentious!

Christina said:

So sad. When I heard about the attack I immediately thought of you and Grant. And I thought about the fact that I had almost convinced myself, because of your blog-tales about your trip, that I too could go to Egypt. That it was safe. Then again it also happened in London and New York and Spain and DC, so I guess you just aren't safe anywhere anymore.

~ Christina

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