Summer Progress Report

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If you take a look at my WIP you'll see I've got quite a backlog of projects at various states of completion. This is because I've discovered I have an addiction to starting projects. They're new and shiny and exciting. But then, inevitably, I get bored and move on to something new.

So I've decided this weekend I am not allowed to start any more new projects, I must finish work in the WIP. Unless, of course, Grant and I finish the design for his sweater. Then, perhaps, I'll cast it on, as he has been waiting patiently for the yarn to arrive. I finished the swatch last night and it looks really cool. Though the horrid ski masks for Ryan and Sara must be finished first, since I missed the wedding deadline and I'd really like them to be waiting for them in Seattle when they get back from the honeymoon.

For those of you that don't know, Ryan gives awful wedding gifts, so it was finally our time for revenge. Sara (though not the same Sara that married Ryan and is receiving the gifts) and Rich crocheted the most hideous green acrylic owl for them (note that in this photo it wasn't finished, but you get the idea). In the spirit of ugly homemade gifts, and from Sara's brilliant collection of vintage craft magazines, the idea and pattern for the ski masks was born. They are truly awful, and as soon as I finish, I'll post a picture, I swear!

So that this update isn't completely picture free, here's a shot of the biggest yarn ball I've ever made.
Fingerpaint Jacket in Progress.jpgIt's 1 skein of Fingerpaints yarn (shown with the start of the sweater and pattern). At this point I'm almost done, for the 3rd time. You see, it claims the smallest size can be made with 1 skein, but they stretch the truth. I've had to rip back twice now to shorten things to get enough yarn to make a collar, and I'm still not sure I have enough this time around, so we'll see.



Christina said:

I'm been the same way lately. I keep adding to my WIP list without finishing anything. Must. Finish. Projects. Best of luck with your finishing goal.

~ Christina

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