Must Resist Temptation

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Ok, so just when I was making progress at my goal of finishing projects (ski masks and Carrie's Noro scarf are done), my alpaca yarn from The Animal Rescue Site arrives. They were having 1 cent shipping, so I caved and bought some alpaca. I had no clue what it would look or feel like when I got it, as it's not really a yarn site, so they don't have useful things like gauge listed. But I bought it because it's a good cause (helping care for animals in shelters) and I've got an SP coming up, so I figured if I didn't like it I could gift it.

The problem is I'm really itching to try knitting something with it. It's so fine and soft, I think a lovely lace pattern scarf I can cook up would be great. But I'm not supposed to start new projects. So here I sit staring at the soft yummy yarn and wondering if it would really be so bad if I started something with it.

I must resist the temptation. Besides, if I'm going to start anything new it should be Grant's sweater. If I could only sit him down long enough to get the thing designed. The swatch is done and the colors look really great. Maybe this weekend he'll work on it with me.



Mel said:

I'll have to post the tale of how his sweater came to be as an entry and include a picture of the swatch. Long story short, it's Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in olive, camo (leftovers from his scarf) and black. Shape/design yet to be decided.

spinnity said:

Uh? Grant's sweater? Swatch? Color? I'm so behind the times! Show, show!

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